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Houttuynia Cordata shampoo (Natural shampoo)

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Houttuynia Cordata shampoo (Natural shampoo)

│ Company introduction │

In general, shampoo and soap manufacturers are using chemical component as a raw material for making shampoo and soap.

So, most sensitive customers for chemical materials who use chemical component shampoo and soap have problems for skin and hair such as skin trouble and hair loosing.

But we are using natural material for making the shampoo and soap.

Also, we would like to release new shampoo, soap, and Cream which have the reflection of customers’ need and trend in a near future as a result of endless endeavor.

│ Product description │

We are using fermented Houttuynia Cordata, green Tea, and perilla frutescens for more than 3 month as main materials.

These main materials have effect for anti loosing hair.

Please refer other materials as follows,
- It is not added chemical antiseptic material.
- Peppermint make feel refreshment
- Tea tree oil has sterilization function
- Natural panthenol is moistener without stimulos

* Bottle size : 300 ml

All materials are made in Korea

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Houttuynia Cordata shampoo _Natural shampoo_